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Plastic Coated Lamp Recycling

Launching January 2015 the Balcan Shattershield Plastic coated lamp processor is finally here.

Recycling plastic coated, shattershield & sleeved lamps still involves crushing the glass.  However, when you crush a plastic coated /shatterproof lamp the end result is usually crushed glass in a flattened tube.  It is therefore necessary to remove this prior to putting the lamp & bulbs into the recycler and this usually involves a person, with a knife, cutting the sleeving away, prior to the lamp being processed normally.  This method has a number of Health & Safety issues and is not ideal when lamps are already broken inside the sleeving.

Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems has developed its Shattershield Processor as a cost effective solution to manually cutting the sleeving from plastic coated lamps.  The glass is separated from the plastic and collected in a standard drum, allowing it to be recycled in the normal manner, through any lamp recycling system which allows drums of lamp debrsi to be loaded.  The dust and mercury vapours generated are controlled  through the air system.  Also the shattershield processor system can be docked with the Balcan MP range of lamp recyclers to overcome the need to have an independent carbon filtration system for the mercury vapours.

Whilst the Balcan Shattershield Lamp Processor makes light work of plastic coated tubes at a rate of 2000+ per hour of all diameters and lengths up to 6ft, there are certain styles which are not supported.  Fluorescent tubes which are fitted within a polycarbonate sleeve and shattershield tubes where the plastic coating is actually bonded to the glass are not supported.



More Information

If you would like more information about the Balcan Lamp Recycling System's Shattershield Plastic Lamp Processor please contact us directly.