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Maintenance & Support

The Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems requires little maintenance. As an actual designer as well as a recycler, Balcan has designed it's plant to be as low maintenance as possible.  Downtime is valuable processing time lost.

Thoughtful design and easy access to vital areas makes cleaning & maintenance simple.

Any lamp recycling system will attempt to destroy itself from the inside out due to the heavily abrasive nature of the glass.  The Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems' design incorporates heavy duty componets in these areas along with simple to replace wear plates, which can be made locally, thereby overcoming shipping costs, etc...

Simple daily checks and minimal maintneance ensures the machine will run quite happily, with a few extra weekly checks in other areas keeping it at top performance.  With emphasis put on keeping the machine being able to be contunually loaded, rather than in batches, each motor and conveyor is monitored for movement and overload.  The design makes diagnosing any problem very simple and the ability to eaily run an individaul component in manual makes fixing it even easier.  


Strong components & simplicity make the system totally user friendly.  The brain of the lamp recycler is the control cabinet, which is custom adjusted to suit each installation.  It also allows for easy diagnostics, should a probelm occur.


With there being thousands of different shapes and sizes of lamps developed over the years, many recycling systems have been modified from dealing with linear fluorescent tubes which were the main source of business lighting in the mid nineties.  The Balcan system has been developed to deal with all types of lamps and bulbs and the different sizes of components within.  In fact the Balcan plant handles foreign matter which quite often destroys valuable components within other systems.