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LED Lamp Recycling Technology

With LED bulbs now beginning to come through the waste stream in higher numbers, it is important you position your current lamp recycling business to be able to deal with these types.

Using the latest technology Balcan has designed the worlds first LED lamp recyling system.

With the excepton of the Balcan MP range of lamp recyclers, putting an LED through your current system is likely to causes some significant damage replacing sieve screens.  However, whilst the MP will handle an LED no problem, it doesn't do much to it.  This is where the Balcan LED1000 comes ito its own.

The LED is broken down into various fractions to provide maximum revenue from these waste streams.

 As with all Balcan's system the system operates under negative pressure to ensure there are no issues with emissions.

 The LED1000 also has the advantage that it can further process end caps and e-bases from other lamp recycling systems to provide maximum return for the recycled fraction.