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Thank you for your interest in the Balcan Lamp & Bulb Recycling products.  Please click on the links for your information.


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To help choose which system best suits your needs:

All Balcan lamp recycling systems are suitable for processing most types of lamps, both whole and crushed.  Lamps do not have to be segregated and can be dual loaded.

1.  MP4000 - Ideal for 1-2 million lamps per year.

2.  MP6000 - Ideal for 5-10 million lamps per year.  The most popular in the Balcan range.

3.  MP8000 - 5000 x 4ft tubes per hour.

4.  Balcan HID - Coming soon

5.  Balcan Raptor Plastic lamp processor - coming soon.

6.  TL2000 - The alternative to end-cut systems.  Ideal for the manufacturers wishing to reuse the glass from production.  Glass cullet is free of metal components to prevent damage to furnace.

7.  Balcan Lamp Crusher - Designed for use in the waste management industry.  Not to be confused with some drum top crushers which are only capable of accepting singular lamps.  Lamps are fully encased prior to crushing - a UK requirement to prevent uncontrolled breakage and emissions of mercury. Please note that the Balcan lamp Crusher & other drum top crushers (DTC) are only for the controlled volume reduction of lamps.  They DO NOT recycle the lamps as they do not separate the glass, end caps or mercury bearing phosphor powder.

Balcan MP4000 Lamp Recycling System - English

Balcan MP6000 Lamp Recycling System

Balcan MP8000 Lamp Recycling System 

Balcan Lamp Crusher / Drum Top Crusher

Balcan MPC4000 Lamp Recycler - French

Balcan MPC4000 Lamp Recycler - Portuguese (Brazilian)

Balcan MPC4000 Lamp Recycler - Russian

Balcan MPC4000 Lamp Recycler - Polish