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Crushed Lamps or Whole lamp Recycling?

Balcan lamp recycling gives those the opportunity to choose for themselves whether to opt for the whole lamp & bulb recycling methodology, or the lamp crusher, or bulb crusher systems, to help reduce volume prior to transport of the waste to a lamp & bulb recycling facility.  It can be confusing trying to decide which system is best for you, best for the environment and equally best for being cost effective. 

The Balcan Lamp Recycling System is all of these.  It can process all types of lamps & bulbs through a single system.  It is kinder to the environment as it uses less energy during the recycling process.  It is more cost effective, not only due to using less energy, but when used in conjunction with lamp crushers it brings about significant cost savings, compared to the old fashioned whole lamp systems.

Balcan believes that those who care for the environment must see that the image below speaks volumes as to how a simple change can make a big impact. 

Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems not only benefit the world with the above, but they also reduce uncontrolled mercury emissions which occur during the transportation of whole lamps.

The Balcan methodology offers all methods of lamp recycling and they can be used in conjunction with each other.