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CFL Lamp Recycling Technology

With most of the world moving towards CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) and LED lighting in place of the incandescent light bulb, this means that there will be many millions more mercury lamps and mercury bulbs requiring recycling at their EOL (end of life).



CFL bulbs come in many shapes and sizes.  The ones usually supplied to businesses require their own specific fitting as they do not have an integral starter (CFL-NI), yet those supplied into the household sector have an integral starter (CFL-I) and are designed to fit a standard bayonet, or screw fitting.

Thee major problems about recycling these types of lamps is that the current lamp recycling systems are unable to handle them without expensive bolt-ons or modifications.  These mercury lamps can severely damage some of the old recycling systems that are in use.  The plastic fittings and internal components do not reduce in volume through the crushing process and therefore do not flow and alternative systems often involve the human input of breaking the glass with a hammer, under a fume hood, to separate the components.

All Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems incorporate the MP unit which makes light work of these types and many other types of lamps.


The Balcan Fluorescent Lamp recycling system easily separates the glass from the often bulky, plastic base, before cleaning the glass of its mercury bearing powder coating.  This coating is particularly difficult to remove due to the manufacturers dosing system for coating the glass yet the Balcan MP Lamp Recycler results in crystal clear glass.

The Balcan designs of lamp recyclers makes the glass work against itself in the cleaning process.  This results in less energy input requirements and cleaner products.  Our systems process over 5000 whole linear tubes per hour.


                                 A manufacturer's installation in Surabaya, Indonesia - May 2013