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Balcan Lamp Recyclers - Kinder to the Planet

The advantage of the Balcan Lamp Recycling Plant is you have one system to process all types of lamps.  A system which genuinely cares and is kinder to the environment.

When looking to make an investment in a lamp recycling plant it is not only obvious to make certain it does what it says, but it is also important to assess the overall environmental impact on using the machine.

The Balcan Lamp Recycler systems are genuinely kinder to the environment. Most models  use typically less than 15KW of power to operate the plant and require only one person to operate it, compared to other makes of lamp recycling equipment who use upto 50KW. 

In today's society of reducing carbon footprints, the use of Balcan's lamp recycling equipment could help a company involved in lamp recycling obtain valuable carbon credits. Also, with the continuation of rising energy costs, this energy saving can helps reduce overhead running costs by up to 75%.

It is also unfortunate that the by-products produced from lamp recycling have little value.  The only components with any value are the metal components from the lamps.  The glass and the mercury bearing phosphor powder, along with the mercury that can be distilled from it have less value than the costs involved in processing them.

It is therefore important to make certain that the recycled products are as clean as possible so they have maximum market appeal.  We believe the Balcan system produces some of the cleanest glass from this type of process.

In 2006 Balcan were awarded the prestigous Queen's Award for Enterprise for their design of recycler, coupled with the use of lamp crushers, an award which recognises Balcan's commitment to the environment.

Balcan are members of the Association of Mercury and Lamp Recyclers in the USA - .