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Lamp Recycling

Balcan brought the world the first commercial lamp and bulb crusher in 1980.  We are now pleased to be able to offer you the Balcan Lamp Recycling Plant.

                             Balcan MP8000 Lamp Recycler installed in the USA

Our lamp and bulb recycling plant deals with all types of commonly used lamps, in all shapes jand sizes, e.g. straight fluorescent, u-tube, HID, sodium, compact fluorescent bulb (CFL).

The latest Balcan lamp recycling technology also means that our system leads the way for other lamp recycling plants, as it will process all compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)  and energy saving bulbs without need for sorting.

Current recycling systems usually only deal with specific types of lamps and processing others may require purchasing expensive front end add-ons or separate stand alone systems. Some bulb recycling companies even improvise, by having to manually separate the glass form the bulky plastic fitting, which will otherwise damage the system. This improvisation can put the operator at risk from unnecessary exposure to mercury and broken glass.



Why Recycle Lamps?

Whilst most businesses are aware of the environmental impact of waste gas discharge lamps (mercury and sodium lamps and bulbs), many households do not realise that these lamps contain mercury.

Whilst the mercury in bulbs has reduced considerably over the years we cannot get away from the fact that today's compact fluorescent lamps and bulbs (CFL or energy savers, as they are commonly called) still contain a few milligrams of mercury. Lamps also have a lifespan of a few years and whilst today's lamps & bulbs have a lower mercury content than before, there are still many in circulation and disposed of each year which contain much higher levels of mercury.

Recycling of lamps and bulbs is the best solution for the environment for the following reasons:

1.  One fluorescent tube contains enough mercury to pollute 30,000 litres of water.

2.  Lamp materials are in general 94% glass, 5% metals / plastic and 1% mercury bearing      phosphor powder - why throw away these valuable commodities?

3.  Landfill space is at a premium throughout Europe and the rest of the world.


To find out why Balcan Lamp Recycling Technology is taking lamp and bulb recycling to another level with its ultra efficient, low to no maintenance recycling plant, please use the menu on the left to navigate through the site and discover how our systems and methodology can make a difference to the environment.